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Tasks and Errands 

 Paycheque Pickup    
If you are traveling or just too busy to pick up your cheque, I will pick it up for you and deposit the cheque into your bank. It's SAFE and SECURE!
House Painting
 Waiting Service    
Avoid those pesky 2 - 4 hour wait windows that Shaw & Telus implement. And when expecting plumbers, electricians, painters, etc., let Time Rescue do the waiting for you!
 Home Checks/Sitting   
Away on vacation or business?
Time Rescue will care for your home, plants, pick up mail, newspapers & flyers.
 Grocery Shopping    
Do mobility issues make grocery shopping a challenge for you? Prefer to spend your time doing the things you enjoy? Whatever the reason, Time Rescue can do your shopping!
 Cross-Border Tasks    
You can't be in two places at one time, making getting tasks done here in Vancouver a real challenge. If you travel back and forth, Time Rescue can assist you!
 Personal Shopping    
Whether you don't enjoy shopping, or just don't have time for it, Time Rescue can free you to focus on more important matters that require your attention!
 Pet Transportation    
Pick up & drop off to veterinary appointments, daycare, boarding, spa, groomers, and airports. Time Rescue can wait for them too! For safety, a crate or seatbelt is available.
 Drop-Ins/Pee Breaks  

Working shift work & long hours? I'll come to your home, or business, to feed them, let them out for fresh air & to stretch their legs.
*Only 1 drop-in/ day can be promised at this time*
Cat Sitting  - Your Home
Rest easy knowing your sweet cat(s) is in the comfort of their own home getting lots of love, attention, & the social time needed to keep them happy & engaged. **only offering dog sitting / boarding under specific conditions**  

 Hospital Services    
Admitted unexpectedly and urgently? Is a pet home alone?! Time Rescue will go to your residence to feed pets, water the plants, pick up flyers at your doorstep, bring in mail, and check on your home.
 Line-Up Service   
Passport lineup, condo registration, new tech releases, paying bills, annual sales? Lining up can result in a vital loss in time, income, and stress. Let Time Rescue stand in line for you. 
 Companionship & Driving / Accompanying to Appointments   
I will keep company of your loved ones in retirement homes & hospitals. Shuttles not dependable?!... Time Rescue will get you to where you need to go! Grocery shopping is also available!
 Light Banking   
Too busy to pay bills, make cash withdrawals or even deposit cheques or cash? Time Rescue can do light banking in a secure manner.
 Business Services    
Typing, data entry, reception, pick up & delivery of documents, keys, supplies; gift shopping for your valued clients
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