I will keep company of your aged loved ones who live on their own, in retirement homes, or are in hospital. We will read, take walks, work on puzzles, and engage in interesting chit chat. 

Driving / accompany to Doctor’s appointments: Unlike one of the big shuttle services, we don’t require you to be travelling for medical purposes. We will pick you up and drop you off to join your family for a meal, to your favourite shopping mall, or to enjoy time with your friends.

Now you can join your loved ones for that Easter egg hunt or magical Christmas celebration!  We charge by the hour ($45 per hour), not by distance, which includes our time and kilometers. No extra charges at the end!

Please note there is a minimum charge of one hour. 

50% deposit is due when a service is booked / scheduled. The balance is due upon completion of the service(s) unless prior arrangements have been made.

24 hours cancellation notice is required in order to receive 50% of your deposit back. If cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, there will be no refund of your deposit.