A Mystery Shopper

Woman standing near store while looking at the mannequin
Photo by Gyorgy Bakos on Unsplash

What is a mystery shopper

A mystery shopper is someone who buys your products and services by acting like an average shopper. However, such a person aims to determine the state of your business in terms of customer services, the ethical integrity of your staff, and the quality of services that your company provides.


After purchasing your products and services, I will then submit a report of my personal experiences. The information you receive will enable you to improve the way you do business. It does not matter whether your business is big or small; mystery shopping should be part of your strategies for success.


You are hiring Time Rescue as your Mystery Shopper provides you with the ability to enhance your customer care. You spend lots of money on training your staff. Unfortunately, that does not mean that your employees do what they are intended to do. Testing your employees enables you to know what aspect of customer care needs more improvement. This, in turn, will ensure that you avoid potential problems, and possible liabilities, in the future.

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