What People Are Still Saying About Time Rescue!

"We met Cara in July 2019 when I hired her to water my 50 balcony plant pots while were were away on a 2 week holiday. Normally I would implore my family or kindly neighbours to water the pots, but after a few trips with our returning home to neglected plants I realized that we needed a dedicated person to be responsible for this task. I was SO GLAD I found Cara, and she literally RESCUED my plants and my peace of mind. She did a phenomenal job not only in watering during a drought in summer, but meticulously deadheaded and cleaned the pots and balcony which I didn't ask her to do. She cared for our plants as if they were her own. She went above and beyond and the peace of mind she gave me was priceless.

The next time I had to think about imposing on family for transportation for an upcoming holiday trip, I instead called Cara to see if she could deliver us and heavy luggage to Canada Place cruise port and pick us up 2 weeks later from Vancouver International Airport. Again, not only was Cara less expensive than alternative transportation, she arrived early with offers of coffee! She tracked our return flight details and again was at Vancouver International to meet and collect us before our flight landed. What a cheerful and effervescent person to have drive you to and from Vancouver!

I would be very happy to refer Cara to my family & friends as a very reliable and conscientious helper for any task you may have. I will never again ask my family or neighbours for help and will instead be calling Cara to come to my TIME RESCUE! "

Betty D. ~White Rock