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What People Are Saying About Time Rescue!

I've had the pleasure of using Cara's personal shopping services on a number of occasions, and each time she demonstrated the highest level of professionalism, along with timely response, and friendly communication. Cara is a person of high character whom I have come to trust. She has been a lifesaver for me and I am pleased to give her the best possible recommendation. I look forward to working with her again!

Richard R. ~NY

"We were so happy to have Cara care for our three cats while we were out of town! She stopped by every day to feed them, spend a bit of time, and clean their litter boxes, and sent pictures of each visit to help us check in on them. She also sent along any details we might want to know, including updates on the plants she watered for us--very much appreciated! Cara was quick to respond to any questions we had before and during our time away. The cats loved her! We will use her again the next time we are away for sure!"


Becky and Paul ~Maple Ridge

I have had the chance to hire Cara and have used her numerous times. I work in film and travel often and, when away, sometimes need cheques picked up in a timely manner and deposited on my behalf. Cara is bondable, dependable, trustworthy and pays attention to detail. She is a great problem solver, keeps excellent communication with her clients, and gets things done. I would recommend Cara to anyone in film or that travels often and needs time sensitive documents or transactions taken care of.


Caleb A ~Vancouver

Hi Cara, 

I just wanted to thank you again for helping us out last week. It was so great knowing that my furbaby was in such good hands. I really appreciated the texts you would send me throughout the week too, reassuring me that all was well. I will certainly be keeping you in mind for future needs and letting friends and family know about you.

Sandi S. ~Surrey

Cara Saved Me! And Here's How:


I had been waiting for my passport from a consulate. For some reason, they forgot to send my passport to my address and sent it instead to a local post office pickup location. It would have taken 15 days before it was returned to the consulate, and then they would have to resend it to me. I needed to leave within 2 days on an emergency trip outside the country.   Since I live in the US, I could not pick it up from the local office in Vancouver, because I was unable to cross the border without a passport. I rushed to see if I could get one of those expedited passports, but they told me that is issued in the case of lost/stolen passports, neither of which was true for me. We went back and forth a bit to no avail. I tried calling the post office where it wound up. Then there was a glimmer of light - It was a Flex Delivery, which meant an authorized person could pick it up on my behalf. 


I didn’t know anyone in Vancouver. So I tried to see what other alternatives were possible. Many of the courier services looked sketchy or unreliable. It was Friday afternoon. I was getting stressed out because I had a flight out on Sunday night. Then I did one last Googling - desperate and hopeless - and discovered Time Rescue. 


I called Cara and it went to her voicemail. She called me back in just a few minutes! I was so impressed by her organization skills then and there. I explained my situation. She listened to me courteously, asked clarifications and then asked me to email her with the full details of the errand. I did that immediately. She responded quickly, with a fair and complete pricing upfront for her time and work! This was one of the most professional interactions I have had. We agreed to proceed. I really liked how she clarified the details multiple times to ensure that we were both on the same page! So many people (including me) try to just guess what the other person wants. Not Cara! 


Then it was time for advance payment. Oh my God! Cara was so patient as I tried to figure out how to send an instantaneous payment from my bank in the US to her email. We tried a couple of methods which did not work out, before Western Union finally worked out. It was inconvenient for her, since she had to do a cash pickup, but she was so customer focused and professional, and just a gracious person, that she did not even raise the issue. 


By then it was 3:30. The post office closed at 6:00. It was Friday! Cara rushed to the post office. Of course, nothing was that easy. She had to run back to a print center to reprint the authorization letter for the pickup. Then she picked up the package!!! At this point, I was about ready to build a shrine for her! And then, she found out that the next delivery was going to be Tuesday! I asked her if the Fedex downtown might be an option. It was 5:45. She rushed anyway, and found parking downtown and got in there. Their last pickup to the continental US had left, so I ended up receiving the package on Tuesday morning. I had to push back my flights by a couple of days. Fortunately I was still able to get to my destination that week! 


Anyway, this is not a story about the consulate and me and our comedy of errors. This is a story about Cara, about how gracious, organized, kind, patient, professional, and respectful she was in her interactions with me. She took everything in those few intense hours in her stride, never complaining or getting impatient when I had payment issues in the beginning. She gave me the benefit of doubt for being a real customer even though she had never seen me, even though I lived in a different country, even though I might have been an utter nutcase prank calling to waste her valuable time. She was supportive and bolstered me at each step of the process, whenever I stressed out and panicked. Her level-headedness, cheerfulness and easy going nature, her knowledge of Vancouver, her organizational skills, her lucid and to the point communication basically turned one of the most stressful days of my life into a wonderful experience. You know what they say about light at the end of the tunnel and all that - I don’t know about any lights, but Cara definitely saved my day, my week, and spared me a ton of financial, logistical and personal consequences with her awesome service!


[There are a hundred other things she did that day that I have utterly forgotten, most likely. She understood my urgency and she rescheduled her work to fit me in!!]



I highly recommend her work to anyone who is looking for a consummate professional who is clear in her communication, organized and methodical, courteous and very client-focused. From beginning to end, my entire experience with her work was exemplary.  


Thank you, Cara! 

Joan D. ~California

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