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About Time Rescue


 Cara Plummer   


Time Rescue used to be a dream until now that is. I have always enjoyed helping people and spending time with animals and decided it's what I wanted to do full-time.


In the past, I looked after the pets of family and friends, and their friends' pets, when they went away on vacation or business trips. As well, I looked after their homes to give that lived in, someone is home, feeling. I launched Time Rescue, Spring of 2018. It's been an exciting time! Since then, the services that I have offered have grown. Though taking care of clients pets and homes are an essential service I offer, I also take care of everyday errands and tasks that take time away from your family time and your much deserved "me-time". 

Call me to schedule a service, (778) 772-7811, or just to discuss any queries you may have. I look forward to hearing from you!

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